Appreciating Macedonia

Appreciating Macedonia


Motivational appreciation

Non-therapeutic emotional support!


After a decade of designing and running motivational courses I have distilled an essence for you:

·         Small groups of people who do not know you to help you gain appreciation for what you do well and for your qualities that are valuable for others!


·         Notice better what supports you and helps you stay energized to overcome difficulties!


·         Find what strengthens your independence and ability to relate to others.  Be healthily vulnerable and strong!


·         Find out how to define and monitor your progress in a way that meets your emotional needs!


·         Strengthen your resolve and your sense of purpose and see how it evolves through time and is built from your values.


·         Be there for others – aiming to see what is best in them and help them to be supported!

MANTES – is a method for you that is not a therapy but a nutrition to your being on a social basis involving allies and cooperative attention.

We expect that you aim for growing in your capacity for yourself and others and valuing yourself and others.

The method is based on an outlook that is generated by gratitude for what is good and help in finding it. It arrives in premises from humanistic psychology such as the work of Lawrence LeShan in part and emphasis on working with what works for the human being as now made more popular in positive psychology and responsible business and leadership approaches. The results are increased awareness of your inner compass, how you want to be and how you want to relate to others and your society. We expect that you aim for the best character development – while we know that existence is tough and you may not always have had the best of conditions. We do not focus on where you have been or what you have done wrong or your present circumstances exempt to see with you what you can address to gain momentum and drive. We do however focus on your high longing for utilizing your journey on the planet in the way that can be fulfilling and good. We aim to help you prioritize on the basis of what speaks to you so that you can be stronger and freer from the bombarding influence of the modern consumerist and competitive environment. Which paradoxically may help you in surviving it.

The basic program is run on a subscription basis. Joining a specific bi-weekly email group costs 8 Euro per month per participant, and will allow for participation with a slight discount in all our courses we will also notify you about. Send an email and request to be onboard and stay with us as long as serves you! 

There are various levels of courses through the internet, teaching by email and online sessions and also workshops where we meet in person for groups that book together as per agreement and request. Facilitator training will also be available later. 

Send us a mail to register - and get additional info. Or to order sessions for your group based on the methodology. 

MAntes is generated by Finnur Þ. Gunnþórsson and his ally Kári Gunnarsson. Kári is exceptionally talented in helping large and small groups inquire into their priorities for decision making and has a background in working for social rights, human dignity and value in face of adversity or pain. Finnur has motivated people in all walks of life for more inquiry into their nature and true longings to bring them drive to do good to themselves and others. Finnur has conducted and run motivational courses for different types of people amongst others many who were unemployed after the Icelandic bank system collapse of 2008. Kári and Finnur have worked together in coaching goodness and determination out of people, bringing a helping hand in aligning interest in NGO collaborative efforts and negotiation. They have helped individuals and artists to pursue financing and opportunity and are passionate about community even though they do lend leaders, managers and businesses a helping hand upon request from time to time. Based in Iceland they meet people by the internet or travel to address the global audience. Their education arrives from Denmark, Estonia, France and their native country.