Priorities, assets, values – in group decision-making

Flow through barriers – avoid endless discussions or too quick action!


After many years in both NGOs, civil rights struggle, work in politics and business I have distilled an essence for you:

-          help with finding, reviewing, maintaining, and actualizing the values of people through out groups and an organization weather in business, NGOs or elsewhere.

-          Notice who is concerned, power structures, responsibility and authority; official and unofficial. [We can do this if you tell us the truth!]

-          Help every body you wish involved to have a voice – without the discussion not leading to anything at all or people loosing time with arguing etc.

-          Find what you can all agree to and find focus to move forward

-          Help people feel understand and take responsibility

-          Help define, redefine or monitor your priorities as a group from two people to thousands of people

-          Make decisions based on your values, and your priorities in relation to what you have available to work with (assets as people and all else).

-          make decisions surprisingly fast with big groups where all the people are involved in line with responsibility and position

-          See how you can monitor if your values are kept throughout the organization

Get going to bring out the best in you and your people!

·         Let us step into processes at events to direct communication for priorities and decision making. Get free from endless chatter; go as deep or shallow as needed for the task.

·         OR let us get to know you and your organization to enable us to help you with training and procedures for you to install a changed culture for more effective decision making in groups we begin by slowing you down so that you can notice things differently and talk differently as a group so that you then move faster.

·         Make an agreement with us for certain time periods and results.

·         This is not „LEAN“ or „AGLE“ or „SCRUM“ or any other of the otherwise fine trademarks. WE work with people more than abbreviations ! WE work with you.

PAV-IGD is a program you can buy from us as an educational experience through workshops, online coaching or as a product where we align with you and enter into your tasks with you to bring about what is needed.  THE fees vary based on how much the involvement is. For businesses our starting fee for a session to make decisions with a group is 3.400 Euros (plus travel expense if needed). We also make special efforts every now and then to be able to help NGOs, and we can in time of need help individual managers with a systematic approach to groups needing to be dealt with.  For as little as 8 Euro per month you can sign up for our bi-weekly emails.

PAV-IGD is generated by Kári Gunnarsson and Finnur Þ. Gunnþórsson – they were tired of people saying things they didn‘t hold up to and groups waisting time with futile discussions. Hence they have looked into methods to get people to work together from a value base and sticking to it to get results. Finnur is exceptionally talented in motivating people to work from an honest value base under stress by helping them focus on what they are doing and why they are up to it. Kári brings life to many methods for large and small groups in prioritizing their tasks and making decisions. Together they help you make decisions that you can stick to. When things are decided you are free from the bombardment of endless choices to move on and get results. Finnur and Kári have worked together in coaching goodness and determination out of people, helping people stay on top of what they are up to bringing clarity to decision making processes and firm decision making in NGO work, collaborative effort and business endeavors. They will aim for you to have the guts and the passion to tell yourself the truth!


Kári - before a PAV-IGD meeting

Kári - before a PAV-IGD meeting